AI company located in the vicinity of Japan's mother lake

An AI Start-up

Expand possibilities of AI, to a world where anyone can make their own AI
Currently, AI is used in various fields such as automated driving, search engines, speech recognition and data analysis, but such AI can not be realized without talented engineers, rich computer resources and big data.
We aim to create an AI ecosystem that allows anyone to easily create their own AI and share with others. The ecosystem gives AI new possibility to be applied in areas where AI has not reached before.
To this end, tiwaki's AI includes two parts. The first is lightweight, high-speed, high accuracy AI fundamental technology. The other is applied technology to make AI fundamental technology more marketable to end users.
Our tiwaki's AI brings world innovations by adding new value to conventional AI, we call it "AI++".




Onmyoji is innovative technology that enables detection / recognition an object by registering the object in one sample


Furinkazan is a lightweight, high-speed and high accuracy deep learning technology that requires no pre-training.




We are building the world's first underwater AI platform to solve various underwater problems


Yoichi is grand new AR(Augmented Reality) technology that operates equipment using a laser pointer.


Fundamental Technology of AI++ 

Applied Technology of AI++

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