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EvalSDK release

We are delighted to announce that an evaluation SDK of Furinkazan Pose --- our original human pose estimation technology --- is released.

Furinkazan Pose is the world's fastest pose estimation technology, running at 55FPS on the Jetson Nano.

The evaluation SDK allows you to easily incorporate it into your application.

・ Easy to install on Jetson Nano + JetPack 4.2.2

・ Can be easily linked with the well-known image processing library OpenCV

・ Coordinates of detected joints (key points) can be acquired

・ Sample code (C, C ++, Python) included

In addition, this evaluation SDK is provided free of charge (not for commercial use).

Our official SDK for commercial use will be released soon. There will be 2 models of the commercial version:

  • Furinkazan Pose Lite, it is as accurate as the evaluation SDK but even faster.

  • Furinkazan Pose Std, it is more accurate than the evaluation SDK.

If you are interested in the evaluation version of the SDK, please contact us via the website.



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