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We will be exhibiting at the 25th Image Recognition and Understanding symposium MIRU2022 (July 25-28, 2022).

The exhibition will be held at AKURIE Himeji (Himeji Convention Center).

MIRU is the largest domestic computer vision conference in Japan. In this conference researchers present their research work/papers. Japan’s top AI companies and startups also exhibit their cutting-edge technology at the MIRU Exhibition.

During the exhibition, we will show following AI-based technologies at our booth:

・Realtime People Counting Algorithm:Furinkazan Head

・Face Authentication:Onmyoji Face

・License Plate Recognition : Onmyoji LP

・Goods Piece Counting: Onmyoji Count

You are most welcome to visit our booth G08.

               <Onmyoji Count>



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