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Pre-release of "Smart Underwater Solutions Business"

tiwaki in cooperation with the Chinese Underwater Robot manufacturer Sublue, JOHNAN Co.,Ltd.(Uji, Kyoto, President Kousei Yamamoto)and Sky seeker Co., Ltd.(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Nobuaki Sasaki)will launch Japan's first smart underwater solution business in April.

The three companies will provide underwater B2B solutions with state-of-the-art AI technology.

Sublue and JOHNAN will be in charge of production development and maintenance of the underwater robot, Sky seeker will be responsible for creating B2B business solutions to customers.

In short, our responsibility is to maximize the added value of our underwater robot business, through the AI technology developed by our company.

In addition, we will build world first underwater AI platform providing new value to the market such as open underwater dataset, API or support of underwater innovations.

We will hold a press conference of "Smart Underwater Solution" in Tokyo at 5 April. If you are interested, we would appreciate your participation. For more details please visit our partner JOHNAN's homepage at

Please apply for participation from the following URL



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