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  • 執筆者の写真川本

Prof. Huchuan Lu became our technology advisor.


We are pleased to announce that Prof. Huchuan Lu at  IIAU-Lab (Intelligent Image Analysis and Understanding Lab) of Dalian University of Technology, China become our technology advisor. We are going to have several collaborations with Lu's Lab on fundamental AI research.

Prof. Huchuan Lu is the Outstanding Young Scholars Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Young and middle-aged leading innovators of the Ministry of National Science and Technology of China, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Dalian University of Technology.

His research interests include computer vision and pattern recognition.

He has published around 50 papers on top conferences like CVPR, ICCV and ECCV,and more than 50 papers on IEEE Transactions. He has got more than 14000 citations on Google Scholar, and won the second place prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education,China.

He has been awarded multiple international scholarship prizes, including ICCV2011 Most Remembered Poster,IET Image Processing 2014 Best Paper Award,ICIP2012 Best Student Paper Award Finalist. He won the first place of the public dataset in the Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 challenge and the first place of the long-term tracking sub-challenge in the VOT2018 and VOT2019 challenge.

He has been Area Chairs of ICCV, CVPR , ACCV, ICPR and is currently Associate Editors of the IEEE Transaction on Cybernetics and IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (CSVT).



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