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Onmyoji- 陰陽視(師)

Onmyoji is tiwaki's learning free computer vision framework.
  • About the name: "Onmyoji" in Chinese Character is "陰陽視(師)". In Japanese culture, Onmyoji is a person who practices Onmyodo, a traditional Japanese cosmology based on Chinese philosophy of "Yin Yang". Onmyoji is specialist to do many magic things like prophesying or seeing world invisible to normal person.

  • Technology: Onmyoji is one of fundamental technology of tiwaki's AI++ which includes the below functions in its lineup

    • Onmyoji Instance Detection: learning free image recognition technology

    • Onmyoji Image Retrieval: Image retrieval technology based on Onmyoji framework

    • Onmyoji Anomaly Detection: Anomaly Detection based on Onmyoji framework


Furinkazan- 風林火山

Furinkazan is tiwaki's original deep learning backbone.
  • About the name: Furinkazan in Chinese Character is "風林火山"。 Original from Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", Furinkazan is abbreviation of a famous battle standard of Shingen Takeda, a well known Japanese general in Sengoku period. Furinkazan means troop attacks enemy agilely and accurately.

  • Technology: Furinakazan is core of tiwaki's AI++, and developed as deep learning backbone for edge applications. Comparing with mainstream technology, Furinkazan is not only much faster, more compact but more accurate as well. The below are main technology in Furinkazan lineup

    • Furinkazan Object: An object detection technology. Comparing with YoloV2 tiny, Furinkazan Object is 10 times faster in CPU only mode, 1/5 of network size and much more accurate. Furinkazan Object runs up to 70fps on Nvidia's Jetson Nano.

    • Furinkazan Pose: Our original multi-person pose estimator. To our best knowledge, it is one of the best multi-person pose estimator which can run on edge devices. Furinakazan Pose’s standard version is more accurate than OpenPose, and 80 times faster in CPU only mode. We also provide a Lite version of the technology which is over 200 times faster than OpenPose in CPU only mode, and runs up to 60FPS on Nvidia's Jeston Nano. As extended version, a real time 3D multi-person pose estimator is also under development

    • Furinkazan Depth: Furinkazan Depth is a highly accurate depth estimation technology with very compact network size

    • Furinkazan Face: Furinkazan Face is facial understanding technology including face detection, age estimation and so on. We are going to release it soon.


We will keep adding new technology both in Onmyoji and Furinkazan lineup. If you are interested in our technology, please go inquiry form to send us your request. 


Yoichi- 与一

Yoichi is our original UI technology to make everything a virtual touch panel ( patent pending).
  • About the name: Yochi in Chinese Character is "与一". Yoichi is the name of a legendary Japanese archer: Yoichi Nasuno . 

  • Technology: Under the concept of "make everything touchable", Yoichi is created as a grand-new UI technology to magically change everything in our daily life to a virtual touch panel using only camera.

Wadatsumi - 海神

Wadatsumi is an underwater AI platform we are now building with our partners.
  • About the name: Wadatsumi in Chinese Character is "海神", which means God in sea.

  • Technology: Wadatsumi is application technology of tiwaki AI++. We have started an underwater solution business with our partners in 2019, Wadatsumi is part of the business aiming to build a world first underwater AI platform. 

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