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Onmyoji is innovative technology that enables object detection/recognition by registering the object in one sample.
  • Onmyoji, an innovative technology, allow you to do object detection by registering object on the spot, without any offline training.

  • Even target object is registered with one or few samples, Onmyoji is robust to change of orientation and non-rigid distortion.

  • Onmyoji is a technology best fit for applications which need to detect various targets on the fly.

  • Further details will be released soon.



Furinkazan is a fast, lightweight, high accuracy deep learning technology that requires no pre-training.
  • No need of pre-train
    Recent deep learning uses complex model to achieve high performance results. Such model is basically pre-trained on large scale big dataset such as ImageNet and fine tuning trained on target dataset when it is applied to real applications.
    Furinkazan does not need pre-train process, it can be trained from scratch even on relatively small training dataset. 

  • Fast, lightweight, high accuracy
    We compared our model (Furinkazan) with YoloV2 tiny, which is said to be best trade-off between computational speed and accuracy in conventional object detection technology. Our model is over 5 times faster on CPU, and consumes only less than 1/5 memory than YoloV2 tiny.

  • Easy to apply to special images
    Due to the lack of large-scale training set for pre-train, conventional technology is hard to achieve good performance on images such like X-ray images or IR images. Furinkazan can train such image data from scratch but still achieve good performance.

  • More details will be released soon.


Yoichi 与一

Yoichi is grand new AR(Augmented Reality) technology that operates equipment using a laser pointer.
  • Execute the function by emitting laser pointer to the assigned area and issue an event to the corresponding device.

  • It becomes possible to operate various devices intuitively.

  • Users can operate the device using the laser pointer even from a distance

  • More details to follow soon.


We are building the world's first underwater AI platform to solve various underwater problems.
  • We partner with other 3 companies to start Japan's first "Smart Underwater Solution Business” in April 2019 ( see our news

  • More details will be release soon.